Building Drones for Confined Space

Why Us?

Interactive Aerial is here to take care of customers, first and foremost. Through timely customer service right here in the United States, Interactive Aerial is establishing quality relationships on a global basis. We set out to streamline the way manual inspections are presently accomplished within the Oil & Gas, Utility, and Maritime industries. By doing so, we are saving time and minimizing safety concerns with traditional internal inspection methods. We will continue these initiatives with high quality products, market leading innovation, and our passionate employees. 

Our Leadership Team

Mark Stephens

Mark Stephens

Chief Executive Officer

Focused on sales and long-term strategic vision. 35 years of manufacturing, engineering, and business expertise.

Christian Smith

Christian Smith


Oversees global sales, marketing, and day-to-day company leadership.

Pierce Thomas

Pierce Thomas

Operations Manager

Manages Inspection Services, Chief Pilot, and company finance.

Christopher Schmidt

Christopher Schmidt

Technology Manager

Leads product software and embedded hardware development

Justin Bentsen

Justin Bentsen

Engineering Manager

Oversees mechanical design, development, and manufacturing of products.

Our Advisory Board


Late 2015

Interactive Aerial was approached by a notable U.S. based inspection company who knew of the growing challenges of flying ‘off-the-shelf drones’ inside confined space.


They worclosely together to produce an effective internal flying drone from scratchThey spend the year completing in-depth research and building a network of premium suppliers. After three full product revisions, the Legacy One is born

Early 2017

Interactive Aerial completes several inspections at power plants nationwide with Legacy One prototypes. This initial product testing results in minor tweaks of the system, commercially launching the product in the early summer of 2017.

May 2017

The company brought Mark Stephens on as CEO. Along with 35 years of manufacturing and leadership experience, Mark brings a fresh perspective to Interactive Aerial, which launched the company into sales mode.

August 2017

The team launched an Inspection Services Division that helps with one-off daily inspections with the Legacy One. A handful of Interactive Aerial pilots became confined space trained and TWIC approved to fly nationwide.

January 2018

Interactive Aerial releases its proprietary Photo Measurement Software which enables inspectors to measure defect size and track growth over time.

Early 2018

The company sells multiple drones after booking several Inspection Service jobs and demonstrations at the tank in Traverse City. 

May 2018

Interactive Aerial delivers a Legacy One to its first international customer from New Zealand. The company begins adding distributors in multiple regions globally.

Mission Statement

In the birth of any new industry, its long-term success is determined by those companies that emerge and are willing to step outside the box. At Interactive Aerial, we have a diverse and talented team of hardworking individuals prepared to do just that. Our customers are our greatest asset, and we take ownership in sharing your goals.  At Interactive Aerial we seek to be the industry leader, specializing in UAV flights within enclosed structures.  Saving you time, money, and ensuring safety – our highest priorities of all.