With the purchase of your Legacy One aircraft, you’ll receive two complimentary seats in our vehicle training program. Need more than two? We can accommodate a class of any size. Together with our partners at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC), we’ll host a two-day training session to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vehicle.

Pilots of Any Skillset

We understand the uses of drones are changing. Large corporations that are opening drone departments are not solely hiring pilots with 2 and 4 year UAV degrees. A drone is a tool, more commonly used by a traditional inspector in the field. Often times, these traditional inspectors have not gone through FAA licensing or hands on drone training. With that in mind, Interactive Aerial has built the Legacy One training program to take a traditional inspector from zero experience to fully flight ready in just two days. We will cover drone basics with easy to use “off-the-shelf” drones, then migrate to beginner Legacy One flights. This way, a pilot of any skillset will leave Traverse City confident in their abilities to fly the Legacy One at its fullest potential. 

FAA Part 107 Requirements

To fly drones outdoors for commercial use, a pilot must have a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot License. If traditional internal inspectors are only using the Legacy One and flying solely indoors, operators of the drone are not federally required to have a Remote Pilots License. However, if your company requires you to have one, or if you plan on flying drones outdoors as well, our team can connect you with NMC’s Online Part 107 training course to take before your training date in Traverse City. Then, upon your arrival, we will begin training with your FAA Written Exam at NMC’s approved examination center. Leave Traverse City with a license and confidence to fly our flagship product.  

Day 1

The first half of day one is led in conjunction with instructors at NMC’s Aviation Division. As one of the most acclaimed UAV training program’s in the nation, the team at NMC is best suited to teach our course’s first block on drone basics. Students discuss the overview of FAA regulations, fly a UAV flight simulator, then finish block one with basic intro flying on an “off-the-shelf” simple to use platform.  

The second half of day one is focused on our Legacy One aircraft. Interactive Aerial pilot instructors give a thorough overview of the vehicles capabilities, along with best maintenance and travel practices. After crucial classroom information is discussed, our team will help you build a solid foundation of pilot skill before day two spent at Interactive Aerial’s Flight Training Facility.  

Day 2

Day two is spent entirely at the decommissioned fluid storage tank our company acquired in July of 2017. This challenging flight environment allows our instructor pilots to focus on inspection specific exercises to teach a wide variety of vehicle operating systems.  As quality data is the key to a successful inspection, our team focuses most of the attention on photo and video management. The last section of the training program is a full job simulation accompanied with an evaluation of how each student is doing.  Pilots will leave confident in their abilities to tackle any inspection request that comes their way.  

History of NMC’s UAS Courses

NMC Aviation debuted their UAV Department in 2008 and has continued to remain on the forefront of the training industry. Hundreds of students have found successful jobs in the commercial drone space due to the robust program they’ve created.