The U.S. Department of Homeland Security identifies 16 critical infrastructure sectors whose assets and systems are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or would have a debilitating effect on the country.” Homeland Security Website 


Each of those 16 sectors have environments which the Legacy One would thrive in. But we’re not restricted to the United States alone. With EAR 99 Export Classification, the Legacy One can ship practically anywhere globally. Whether you focus on solely inspections, or if your company owns structures with large GPS-denied, dark internal spaces, chances are the Legacy One will be the perfect fit for it.    



By using the Legacy One as a visual inspection tool, the vehicle can improve the safety of any hazardous or confined space inspection. The drone is geared to fly inside for an initial look at hard to reach areas typically serviced by inspectors hanging from ropes or on scaffolding with high fall risk potential.

Downtime Reduction

Outages for inspection can range from a few days up to a month or more. In a full outage, every second counts. The Legacy One can be deployed for data collection of the entire environment in a matter of minutes. In several instances, the Legacy One has saved companies from building scaffolding completely, reducing days, even weeks of downtime in lieu of traditional inspection methods. 

Cost Effective

By saving time and reducing the need for inspectors to build scaffolding or repel with rope access, this reduces the cost of inspection drastically. Simple visual drone inspections can be the frontline of defense in determining if assets need repair or are safe to continue operation.

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