Large Buildings

Assembly Lines 

Trying to optimize the layout of your new assembly line, or verify you currently have the most effective layout possible? Get the indoor bird’s eye view with the Legacy One. Flying off the shelf drones inside a large steel building can run the risk of interfering with its compass and GPS. Have no fear with the Legacy One, as it relies solely on our proprietary laser-based navigation and takes photos with 42MP of resolution.  


Are you tasked with verifying the condition of your warehouse roof or support structures? Whether your building is recently built and state of the art, or built in the early 1900’s in downtown Manhattan, the Legacy One tackles all sorts of internal inspections. Purchase one to have in your facility full-time, or feel free to have us out for one day to check out the whole facility!    

Production Facilities  

We often get the request to inspect inside large production facilities such as paper mills. Regardless of what stage in the process your company is in, the Legacy One will be a great fit to fly inside your facility. Gaining access to those hard to reach areas can be the difference in preventing long term structural repairs later on.  


Large Construction Projects 

In new construction, sometimes it is necessary to inspect previously done work in difficult areas. Though often times construction areas have a plethora of equipment to get up high, consider the Legacy One to fly inside the build of a new warehouse or production facility. Achieving tangible data in a safer and quicker manner is the best byproduct of our drone.


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