Hydroelectric Dams 

These large power production facilities are complex structures that contain several hard to reach areas. With some walls spanning hundreds of feet tall, using the Legacy One to access those difficult areas can save thousands of dollars in inspection costs.  



A current buzzword in the UAV industry, flying inside mines is gaining popular traction. As is often the case with most drone inspections, using robotic equipment can be a much safer alternative before sending humans in. With the vehicle using laser-based navigation, never worry about GPS signal strength when deep inside a mine shaft.  

Subways & Train Tunnels 

The average subway and train tunnel is on average around 13’ in diameter, give or take a few feet depending on what type of train, making it just big enough for the Legacy One to fly. These no-light environments can be easily serviced by our drone, keeping it safely in the center of the tunnel for optimal flight.  


Fresh/Wastewater Treatment 

Underground sewers and holding tanks for municipalities can be a great fit for the Legacy One. So long as the opening is larger than 10’ diameter, our vehicle can inspect these GPS-denied, concrete environments with ease.  


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