Utility Boilers

Utility boilers are large furnaces used to create heat energy, traditionally by burning coal or natural gas. By igniting those substances, it creates heat near 3,000°F at the base, boiling water in tubes lining the walls, until steam can be separated and passed through turbines to create power. Majority of the power plants in the United States are still powered this way, making them critical infrastructure in the U.S. Having these assets up and running as often as possible is very important to power companies as generation serves as the foundation of revenue for each of them.  

Traditional Inspection Methods  

Companies inspect the inside of these structures to look for damage to the tubes or wear & tear on the burner cyclones. In the past, this has been performed with a rope access, a cable buggy, or by building scaffolding to specific areas or all of the structure.  

Why drones like the Legacy One? 

Our drone can inspect these steel enclosed structures in a matter of minutes, rather than days. Whether it is verifying a few specific areas of repair from the last outage, or visually checking the entire boiler for flat spots on the tubes, the Legacy One should be the first tool chosen when beginning an outage.  


“In 2017, Interactive Aerial joined a Midwest power company to inspect one of their coal burning boilers. They intended on keeping the plant down for 3 days to build scaffolding to 4 specific areas of repairs from the previous outage. With the Legacy One, we inspected each of the four areas in less than 45 minutes. An on-the-spot decision was made by the plants chief engineer not to build scaffolding and to get the plant back up and running, saving this company $20,000 in scaffolding cost alone. By getting this boiler back online two days earlier than planned, they saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime by not paying the boilermakers and producing power themselves, rather than buying it off their competitors.”

– Christian Smith, President, Interactive Aerial

Other Utility Assets for the Legacy One

HRSG Boilers

Often times smaller than a traditional Utility Boiler, Heat Recovery Steam Generation boilers have more open horizontal areas. So long as they’re wider than 10 ft. across, the Legacy One will have no problem tackling the inspection.

Biomass Boilers

biomass boiler burns substances like wood or compost. The principal of operation is very similar to Utility Boilers and are inspected in the same manner. 


Penstock tubes at power plants create power through water flowing with gravity. These large tubes are often 20-30ft wide and could certainly be inspected with the Legacy One flying rather than walking! 

Learn more about features like this on the product page. 

To Our Markets

Hydro Electric Dams

These large power production facilities are complex structures that may require flights to multiple different hard to reach areas. Consider the Legacy One to access those large walls!