What We Offer

There are two ways to see the Legacy One in action. The first being a flight demonstration inside our decommissioned storage tank in Traverse City, MI.

But maybe your company management or your customers are more interested in seeing the Legacy One perform an actual inspection to prove the value of the system. Consider Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Services. This is a great option to prove just how much time and money drones can save during the inspection process.  Our Inspection Services are ideal for one-time job with the Legacy One at one of your facilities   

What's Included:

  • 2 Interactive Aerial Pilots and the Legacy One 
  • Each pilot will have a FAA Remote Pilots License, Confined Space Certification, and TWIC Credentials 
  • Interactive Aerial holds $5 million general liability limit  
  • A $2,500 rebate is available if you purchase a Legacy One within 90 days after the inspection 
  • Additional discounts are available for use of marketing material and white paper  
  • Customers retain all photos and videos captured during the flight 
  • Inspectors and engineers will have access to Interactive Aerial’s proprietary Photo Measurement Software 

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