Payload Features

  • Camera

    Over 40mp of resolution allow
    you to keep your frame of reference
    while digitally zooming over 82x

  • Photo Measurement Software

    Our newly released proprietary software
    allows you to measure crack distance and corrosion
    growth with a live ruler and compare over time

  • Lighting System

    Smaller than a postage stamp but
    brighter than average car headlights our
    LED illuminates even the darkest area

  • Unobstructed Vertical Pan

    Whether your looking straight up or
    panning 180° down to the floor—each video will
    come back 100% obstruction free!

Photo Measurement Software

Our back-end software enables inspectors to measure defects down to 5 millimeters of accuracy. Users can trace crack distances and corrosion surface area with a live ruler. Photos can also be tagged with comments to leave for other inspectors to see later. This software is perfect to compare issues over time, using numerical data to compare crack or corrosion growth. These photos are from an inspection inside the ballast tank of a 1,000ft. dry-bulk cargo ship.

42MP Camera

Photo #1 below represents standard images captured by our drone. The 42MP camera covers 24 sq. ft. in each photo taken at the 5ft. vehicle bumper distance. With a 35mm lens and 35mm image sensor, each photo is 1:1, leaving no distortion as a “fish-eye” lens would.

By zooming in 82x on the photo (Photo Two) you can see the digital zoom capability of the picture in post-processing. As you can see, the image now shows details not achievable by lower resolution cameras – and with an unobstructed view from propellers, landing gear, or protective cages.

Photo #1
Standard Captured Image

82X Zoom

Photo #2
Image with 82X Zoom


15 Minute Flight Time

19.75″ x 25.5″ x 9.5″

9 lbs.

5,000 Lumen LED

42MP Camera

1080P HD Video

1,000′ Range

HD Digital 5.8Ghz

Navigation Features

  • Laser-Based

    Proprietary laser-based navigation
    bypasses the need for unreliable GPS and compass
    systems in steel & concrete environments

  • Vertical Collision Avoidance

    Most drones don’t avoid objects above them,
    but the Legacy One has integrated vertical collision
    avoidance. Perfect for confined spaces!

  • 360° Collison Avoidance

    The Legacy One always keeps
    a safe distance from objects thanks to
    it’s 360° collision avoidance system

  • Works in Total Darkness

    Features cutting-edge collision
    avoidance systems that work flawlessly
    even in pitch black conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we recommend the pilot fly from inside the confined space environment as the vehicle is still operated manually, but only autonomously assisted.

The Legacy One does not utilize a GPS or compass for navigation. It relies solely on its onboard sensors to remove the risk of GPS signal loss or magnetic interference, making it ideal for internal applications where traditional products struggle.

The onboard software and hardware has been built specifically around the needs of indoor and confined space operations, meaning it is less effective outdoors due to its non-standard modifications. Even though Interactive Aerial recommends only flying inside, the advanced payload and collision avoidance capabilities of the Legacy One will bridge both environments for exterior applications in the future.

Currently, the vehicle comes standard with a visual camera only for data transmission and collection. Additional payloads are being considered for development, and custom sensor integration requests are not uncommon.

The Legacy One is not intrinsically safe. Current drone design makes this certification very difficult to achieve. To make this practical, it would require changing many different aspects of an unmanned aircraft, making it unrealistic at this time.

Yes, the photos and videos collected by the Legacy One are strictly stored locally on the payload. Interactive Aerial does not have the ability to retrieve the data collected by the camera during use.

With the purchase of the Legacy One a company would receive: the aircraft, a transmitter with HD video screen, two batteries & charger, a transportation case, the computer software suite for extracting photo measurements, and spare hardware components.

Please submit a contact form on this page to receive your personalized quote for the Legacy One.

The Service Plan, included free for one year after purchase, includes many benefits such as: two complimentary seats in our flight training program, replacement parts up to $1,000 in value for worn or damaged components, and the ability to upgrade software and hardware for extended functionality of this industrial tool.

We do not offer rentals of the Legacy One at this time, but you may wish to consider Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Services.

Our inspections services will illustrate how much time and money drones can save you during the inspection process.  Our drone Inspection Services are perfect for one-time job with the Legacy One at one of your facilities 

You can learn more about our inspection services here:

The camera on the Legacy One takes photos with over 40mp of resolution. Taking such high-quality images allows you to keep a frame of reference while also being able to digitally zoom into images 82-times their original size—this means you can see the smallest imperfections.

You can see this in the example below:

A distance measurement device on the gimbal enables you to measure things like crack distances and corrosion surface area with a live ruler. You can also tag photos with comments for other inspectors to review. Our recently released, proprietary software is perfect for comparing issues over time, using numerical data to track and compare crack or corrosion growth.

You can measure straight-line distance down to 5mm and trace defects to determine the total surface area of defects like corrosion as shown below:

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