This past year, Interactive Aerial has been refining our new Customer Portal. This portal is our hub for existing Zenith customers. In there, customers find all training material, software updates, and the online shop. In a series of blog posts, we have been highlighting major aspects of the portal. We recently published blogs to review the Online Shop, Training Center, & our Software Updates pages. This past month, IA launched the fourth element to our Portal: Webinars for Existing Customers.

After the sale

There is nothing more frustrating than making a major capital investment and then never hearing from that supplier again. Does it make you feel like you were just a quick sales win and then your supplier just moved on to the next? Here at IA, we view the interactions after the Zenith purchase just as important as those precious conversations held before the purchase order. That’s why we have a dedicated Account Manager focused on our existing customers after the Zenith purchase.  

the zenith update

An Account Manager publishes bi-weekly updates so your team is informed through each step of the Zenith build process. After your unit ships, the Account Manager sends an individual Portal login so you and your team can begin virtual training with our 13-part video training series. Then, after your team is feeling confident with using your Zenith, we keep in close touch through two communication methods: The Zenith Update Newsletter & monthly Customer Webinars. 

customer webinars

Becoming an IA Zenith customer means you will never be forgotten. Our team is very focused on the post Zenith purchase experience. From an in-depth video training series to the recurring Zenith Update newsletter, we ensure you consistently have access to the important information you need to be successful with the system. Our latest initiative with this commitment is our new Customer Webinar series. Hosted monthly, this new webinar is the most effective way we communicate with existing customers. 

Customer Webinar Portal

This Webinar series allows our customers globally to convene at one time and in one location. Even if you cannot make this meeting, each Webinar is recorded and posted to the Customer Portal for later viewing.  

In these Webinars, we cover:  

  • New software & firmware releases to the Zenith system & computer program  
  • New additional components like the upgraded lighting payload to double Zenith’s visual range in a dark environment 
  • Review past inspection data to refine Zenith’s “tips & tricks” 
  • Discuss customer feedback & carry out active discussions regarding the future of Zenith’s technical roadmap 

Interactive Aerial will be forever committed to the experience our customers have as a Zenith owner. From an easy way to purchase a new additional component, to proactive & routine communications, we are proud of the way we take care of our Zenith customers and invite your company to experience this support with the IA family.