No scaffolding = a lot of saved time, especially when there are multiple assets.


Zenith allowed inspectors to stay out of confined space by preventing the need for scaffolding.


Since Zenith does not require traditional confined space entry, many costs were saved during inspection.

Customer Needs

Sappi, a global pulp and paper company, sought after a safer and more cost efficient alternative for inspecting their HD Towers. These spaces traditionally require the need for scaffolding, a process that is time consuming and expensive. Once scaffolded, somebody would enter the confined space for visual inspection, and repeat the process for all of the towers.

Keeping with a renewable goal, Sappi took interest in Zenith to do the visual inspections of the HD Towers. Zenith can provide a repeatable inspection without having an inspector break the plane for confined space. It is also easily transferrable, with the ability to break down and set up the system for all 5 towers inspections in the matter of hours.

The ability for Zenith to be transported in two small rugged cases made it a practical and easy way to inspect all 5 HD Towers. As a safe and maneuverable tool, it was worth giving  a robotic inspection system a try over the traditional method.

Our Solution

Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Service team completed the pulp tower inspections with Zenith. Utilizing many advanced systems and safety features, Zenith allowed for a safe and quick inspection of the confined space assets. The unit used its stabilized camera capable of capturing 4K video and 18MP photos with a 30x optical zoom. Hanging from a cable and free spinning bearing allows the inspection unit to have unlimited rotation, which enabled the operator to see any loss of grout or spalling inside the towers.

Having ample room to descend Zenith from the top of the asset, the team assembled Zenith in its standard configuration. Using this setup, the system supports itself with great stability, allowing for a safe and smooth operation of the Zenith unit from the controller, up to hundreds of feet away. The use of automation made for an even simpler job as the inspector just let Zenith do all the work.

Zenith Calibrating
HD Tower

The results

How were the HD Towers looking on in the inside? Was there any loss of grout or spalling within the tiles? Did the data from Zenith provide enough for routine use in preventative maintenance inspections? Zenith was able to provide these results and more, establishing a safer and more cost efficient method to carry out the inspections.

Sappi had 5 HD Towers inspected by Zenith and the IA Inspection Service team all in a matter of one business day. When typically costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for full scaffolding and traditional inspection methods, Zenith was able to complete the inspections for a fraction of the cost and far less time.

Sappi determined that Zenith and inspection robotics are a viable alternative to traditional confined space entry inspections. Tools like Zenith are saving them time, money and the safety of their employees.





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