A Drone for Confined Space & Internal Inspections

The Legacy One Drone

The Legacy One is an industrial inspection aircraft intended for internal confined space and GPS-denied environments. The vehicle is equipped with a 360° scanning LIDAR, which enables flights near objects without the fear of colliding with them.

Drone Sales

Having 24/7 access to the Legacy One has never been easier. After purchasing a vehicle, our team will train you how to best maintain your drone and how to fly it in a true confined space area. Also explore our Service Plan to keep your vehicle upgraded with the latest technology releases.

Inspection Services

Receive all the benefits of the Legacy One without the hassle of owning one. With Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Services, two confined space trained pilots will bring the latest technology to your site. Our team can even bring technology not commercially released yet.

Revolutionize Old Inspection Methods.

Cost Savings

Utilize one drone rather than paying several inspectors!

Improved Safety

Don’t risk inspectors hanging from rope hundreds of feet up.

Reduce Liability

OSHA’s number one hazard and violation is falls, not with a UAV!

Less Downtime

Don’t wait on scaffolding to be built, deploy a drone in seconds.

Initial Assessment

Robotic equipment is great for that first look before human entry.

Standardize Data

Different inspectors bring different photo qualities, keep it the same!

Drone Features

The Legacy One drone was built to incorporate a high-resolution camera that can pitch 180° vertically, allowing an unobstructed view floor to ceiling. The onboard lighting equipment helps capture valuable information in elevated areas not easily accessible by humans.

  • 42 MP Camera
  • Photo Measurement Software
  • LED Lighting System
  • Unobstructed Vertical Pan
  • Inspect details down to 5mm
  • Live ruler
  • Tagging & commenting
  • Trace crack distance & corrosion growth
  • Laser-based
  • Vertical collision avoidance system
  • 360-degree collision avoidance
  • Works in complete darkness

Building Drones for Confined Space

Industry Expertise.

Reduce days, even weeks of downtime by deploying inspection drones in lieu of traditional inspection methods. 

Our 560,000 Gallon Aboveground Storage Tank

We streamline manual inspection processes for companies in the Oil & Gas, Utility, and Maritime industries. We will help you save time, maximize safety, reduce liability, and save money.


We’ve spent countless R&D hours developing the ideal technology.

Cost Savings

Made and assembled in the USA using only premium materials.


Expert UAV Inspection services performed by highly-skilled pilots.


We offer hardware/software upgrades, training, maintenance, and more.

Photo Measurement Software

Our back-end software enables inspectors to measure defects down to 5 millimeters of accuracy. Users can trace crack distances and corrosion surface area with a live ruler. Photos can also be tagged with comments to leave for other inspectors to see later. This software is perfect to compare issues over time, using numerical data to compare crack or corrosion growth.

Get In Touch.

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