A Drone for Confined Space & Internal Inspections

The Legacy One Drone

The Legacy One Gen2 is an industrial inspection UAV built for internal confined space and GPS-denied environments. The vehicle is built around a 360° LIDAR with multiple automated flight modes and a high resolution 42-megapixel camera to find the smallest of defects.

The Perfect Internal Flying Machine.

Focused Purpose

Our drone was made specifically to fly inside critical assets, not outside.

Built From Scratch

We didn’t modify an existing drone, we created our own solution.

Inspector Inspired

The Legacy One was built for inspection people, not drone people.

Field Tested

Claiming it works and proving it works are two very different things.

Data Centered

We built our drone around the camera, the way it always should be.

Collisions Avoided

Why rely on collision tolerant when you can autonomously avoid?


The Legacy One Gen2 carries the most advanced payload on the market for indoor flight. As our products are Data Driven, the real value is in what the vehicle brings back from an inspection flight. See how the Legacy One goes well beyond the competition when it comes to data collection:


Don’t settle for “cell phone” size when you can have a 35mm, full frame, digital image sensor.

80x Digital Zoom

Find defects as small as 1/32 of an inch, our camera zooms in 80x an original picture size.

10,000 Lumen LED

Darkness is no object for the L1, light up the dimmest of areas with our built-in 10k lumen light.


Huddling over a pilot’s shoulder is unsafe. Give inspectors their own viewing screen to watch live!


Finding defects is one thing, measuring their size and tracking their growth is another! Find defects as small as 1/32 of an inch, our camera zooms in 80x an original picture size.

180° Unobstructed Viewing

Pilot-controlled panning enables an inspector to see floor to ceiling, obstruction clear all the while.



15 Minute Flight Time

42MP Camera


19.75″ X 25.5″ X 8.5″

1080P HD Video

9 lbs.

1,000′ Range

10,000 Lumen LED

HD Digital 5.8Ghz

Photo Measurement Software

Interactive Aerial has developed a proprietary software made specifically for inspectors and engineers to use for in-the-field decisions. Using a drone to only know that a crack exists isn’t enough data to decide if it needs repair or not. But a sub-centimeter measurement of that crack certainly helps to know if it’s within your company’s maintenance limits. Explore our software page to learn more about the features of our Photo Measurement Software.

Meaningful R&D

When crafting a valuable piece of equipment, it needs to be developed in an area it’s meant for. When our team designed the Legacy One, we did so in a real GPS-denied environment. And how would you expect to formulate and vet true collision avoidance without decent obstacles to avoid? That’s where our decommissioned Above ground Storage Tank (AST) comes in. Our 560,000-gallon tank has a 12-inch-thick concrete wall and roof with 26 one-foot wide support pillars littering the center.

When selecting a confined space drone, consider where it was developed and tested. Our engineering team spends countless hours vetting current hardware and software. Interactive Aerial’s AST is also the perfect place to continue developing new technology, such as flying from outside confined space and autonomous flight.

Drone Sales

Purchasing our drone ensures you have 24/7 access to our technology. If this is your best path, come join us for a flight demonstration in our tank! We will answer all your technology questions during a sit down with our engineers, then highlight all the drones features while flying in a GPS-denied structure.

Inspection Services

Not quite ready to purchase? Start by letting us prove its worth in your asset! With Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Services, two confined space trained pilots will bring the latest technology to your site. We can come for just the first inspection or sign a continual service agreement for every outage!

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