Our newest patent pending product for those hard to reach, vertical environments


Production Beginning

JANUARY 13, 2020

 Our Simple Solution
to No Confined
Space Entry

No Prior Training

Simple video tutorials replace required in-person training

Simple Operation

Controllable by anyone onsite for the outage, it’s that easy!

Hours of Runtime

Testing showed the Zenith can be run for 2 hours on one set of batteries!

Small Spaces

If it’s a space smaller than the Legacy One can fly, it’s perfect for Zenith

Precision Height

Built-in height encoders show depth with less than one-inch accuracy

No Sacrificed Data

Small drones bring small cameras, but the Zenith has a 30x optical zoom camera

No Tether

Competitor cameras require tethers for power and data, Zenith is wireless

Measure Defects

Use Interactive Aerial’s Photo Measurement Software to track defects

Vertical Spaces Conquered.

Tackling those hard to reach, vertical assets are now the simplest inspection during the outage. The Zenith is perfect for assets like:


· Bleaching Tower Upflow Tubes

· Distillation Columns

· Very Small Tanks

· Water Towers

· Elevator Shafts

Even Sewer Systems! The list goes on and on. Every few hours today you will think of another great use case for Zenith. Reach out today to see what unique inspections our team has already performed with the Zenith!

Our coax drive system

Zenith Gimbal

The gimbal on Zenith was inspired by zero-compromise when it comes to smaller environments. Smaller drones require small “cell phone” sized cameras to save weight. With no weight restriction for the Zenith, it has the potential to carry unlimited types of payloads.


Bring the smallest defects into full frame real time


Capture a full asset with the highest resolution video


Give inspectors their own larger viewing screen to watch the full inspection live


Finding defects is one thing, measuring their size and tracking their growth is another!

10,000 LUMEN LED

When small gets dark, you have a light twice as bright as your car to help you out!

180° Unobstructed Viewing

The operator has the control to pan 180° straight up, to straight down, giving 360° coverage

zenith Sales

Purchasing the Zenith provides you 24/7 access to our technology. If this is your best path, come join us for a demonstration.  We will answer all your technology questions during a sit down with our engineers, then highlight all of Zenith’s features while learning how to operate the tool yourself.

Inspection Services

Not quite ready to purchase? Start by letting us prove its worth in your asset! With Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Services, two confined space trained operators will bring the latest technology to your site. We can come for just the first inspection or sign a continual service agreement for every outage!

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