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Save your company time, money, and most importantly, the safety of your inspectors’ lives by investing in the most powerful robotics for internal inspections on the market.


Rent Zenith

Rent Statewide & Global

Thanks to our worldwide distributors, we offer daily, weekly, or monthly rental of the Zenith.  Ensure fast availability of Zenith with the rental option.  Need to save on expenses? Renting Zenith is the economic first choice.  See below for our list of global distributors or reach out today.



Inspection Services Team at Interactive Aerial

Let Us Inspect For You

We take the hassle out of buying, learning, and maintaining a new robotic system, while giving you the same access to great data as if you had one of our products in-house. Save time, money, and the
safety of your inspectors by hiring our Inspection Services team for your confined spaces.



Hardware Purchase of Interactive Aerial Robotics

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Owning our Inspection Robotics will give your company confidence that you have the most advanced internal inspection equipment on the market. After purchasing, our team will ensure you’re properly trained to tackle any confined space area with ease!


Our Global Distributors

Interactive Aerial Global Distributors

U.S. Rental

Nexxis US Zenith Rental

U.S. sales & Inspection SErvices

IA US Zenith Sales


Canada Zenith Sales and Rental


Spectis European Zenith Sales and Rental


GammaTec Africa Zenith Sales and Rental

Australia / SE Asia

Nexxis US Zenith Rental


Schedule a time with Sales to see the Zenith live in the IA Virtual Studio.  See all the latest features and additional components for Zenith.  Ask your questions and view demonstrations before making your Zenith purchase or rental. Book a time today!

  • Sales can help quote, book trial inspections, or full inspection service jobs
  • If a hardware purchase ends up being the right choice for you, Sales can help with that.
  • Learn how you can start saving lives, time and money, all with Zenith.