Zenith FAQs

How long is the cable?

500ft (152m)

How much weight can the cable hold?

The cable itself can hold up to 220lbs, the usable load of the winch motor is 12lbs.

How long is the battery life?

The Zenith unit will run for 1.5hrs using the standard Zenith battery. The winch box and controller each have longer run times, approximately 4-6 hours a piece. The controller can still be used when plugged into an outlet.

How much additional weight can Zenith hold?

Up to 5lbs additional pounds beyond the weight of the unit (motor can pull 12lbs, Zenith Unit is 7lbs, leaving 5lbs available for additional payloads).

What are the dimensions of Zenith?

7″H x 7″W x 17″L 

What are the capabilities of the camera?

30x optical zoom with 4K recording and 18MP still photos. 

How far away can the operator stand?

Up to 3000ft away from the Tripod (winch box to the controller) in ideal, line of sight conditions.

What is the maximum distance of the extension arm?

Up to 12ft. Each section is 2ft, with the option of 6 extensions.

How much does the system weigh?

The system breaks down into two different cases, each approximately 50lbs when fully packed.

What is the built in LED light on the system?

100w, 10,000 lumen LED (additional lighting payload available).

What is the material made of?

High strength glass infused nylon material.

To what degree can Zenith move?

The CoaxDrive system can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, and the gimbal can tilt 180 degrees vertically (lateral movement occurs with tripod extension arms).

Is Zenith intrinsically safe? (Is it rated, is it classified, class rated, rated for hazardous environments, LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) etc.)

We take a number of spark-resistant precautions, but the system is not certified intrinsically safe due to static electricity revolving around the CoaxDrive paddle system. Payloads such as a gas sensor can be added onto Zenith or lowered via the cable before the inspection to better address hazardous environments. 

What temperatures can Zenith withstand?

On the high end, the Zenith unit can withstand temperatures up to 115 degrees for continuous operation but can be pushed further with less run time if needed. On the low end, we recommend not using Zenith below 32 degrees (for the same heat reasons, just opposite for cold – ie you could use it in colder temps, just probably won’t last long). 

Consider camera lens fogging when going from one extreme temperature to another. 

Is there a warranty?

There is a one-year manufacturer warranty, based on workmanship (if it’s IA’s fault, it’s our responsibility to fix it; if the customer breaks it, it’s their responsibility to fix it).

Is there a limitation to the additional payloads for Zenith?

There are 3 stipulations for simple payload additions; 1.) the payload needs to be 5 pounds or less, 2) it needs to self-store data, and 3) It needs to be self-powered. Payloads beyond those stipulations could work on a case-by-case basis. 

Is it waterproof?

Waterproof, no. However, water-resistant features have been built into the system like an enclosed gimbal housing and waterproof winch box so it can be used outside in mist or rain. 

Is it dust proof?

In comparison to a drone, Zenith kicks up substantially less dust because it is not creating lift. However, a substantial amount of dust will visually overcome the system (can you see the inspection with your eyes?) 

Is it IP rated?

Refer to both answers above, the unit is not officially IP rated.

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