Zenith Inspection System

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Industry News

Interactive Aerial introduces new Inspection Camera – Zenith

Zenith is an inspection camera system designed to conquer vertical assets with ease. 


Zenith Advantages:

Longer Battery Life – Over 2 hours of battery run time will ensure a thorough inspection without worrying about running out of battery life.

Low Risk of Loss Inside an Asset – The Zenith hangs on 20 Gauge Wire and is securely fastened to the Winch system at all times. The Tripod has 4 Safety Connection Points to always ensure a safe operation.

No Certifications or Licenses Required – Anyone can operate the Zenith. Simply watch Interactive Aerial’s training videos and you will be conducting inspections in no time.


The Zenith is not a PTZ Drop Camera, it’s not a drone, it’s not a pole on a camera. It is in a new category thanks to the Patented Systems we have inside of the Zenith body.


CoaxDrive System

The CoaxDrive System is at the heart of Zenith. It’s two counter-rotating paddles that create torque. Those along with a robust inertial measurement unit are giving the Zenith Precise Heading Control.

These paddles keep Zenith on the same heading regardless of line twisting or air flow, and thanks to the free spinning bearing, it allows the Zenith to be yawed 360° left or right.



We took a unique path when designing Zenith’s payload. We built it around a 30x Optical Zoom camera that also takes 18MP still photos and 4K video recording. The 30x Optical Zoom camera enables an inspector to see 1/32″ crack from up to 30 feet away! A user can toggle between still photos or video by using the camera button the controller for Zenith.

Zenith’s system can capture 360° inside of an asset thanks to unlimited yawing left and right, and 180° gimbal panning straight up to straight down.



We designed the Zenith with the inspector in mind, with things like the controller being built into a rugged Pelican case. We built the controller with low-profile buttons and control sliders, never requiring an operator to take off their gloves to control Zenith.



We used aircraft grade aluminum for the tripod. There are multiple configurations that the Zenith’s custom Tripod can be positioned in, allowing for inspection entry in nearly any scenario.


Durable Zenith Shell

The shell of the Zenith body is built with high strength, glass infused nylon, giving the system a tough exterior that can endure any hits it may take along the path of the inspection.


No Tether Required

Typical PTZ cameras require a tether for system control, data transmission and power. Zenith does not require a tether to operate due to the same great wireless technology from the Legacy One.



Safety was built into every aspect of the Zenith, including the 4 attachment points on the Tripod to secure it during operation, a back-up manual hand crank to retract the Zenith in case of power loss, and up to 12 feet of extension arms to ensure the inspector never breaks the plane for confined space entry.

Zenith is a next generation inspection tool, continuing Interactive Aerial’s mission to save companies’ time, money and the safety of their inspectors.


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