Zenith’s capabilities allow for repeatability and quicker inspection time, making projects more efficient.


The additional lighting payload allowed inspectors to clearly see 3x further than traditional methods.


Zenith allowed inspectors to stay out of confined space by preventing the need for rope access.

Customer Needs

Being one of the largest food processing and storage companies in the world, ADM has many silos across the United States, typically ranging from 15 to 40 feet wide and more than 200 feet tall. Along with their size, grain silos require substantial light which makes internal pictorial capturing, difficult. ADM continues to test innovative solutions that can meet their review needs.

ADM took interest in Zenith because of its ability to add additional payloads. The lighting payload would allow them to see within the dark. Additionally, they wanted a solution that would save their technicians’ time and provide repeatability of data capturing, and more efficient data processing.

Our Solution

Interactive Aerial’s inspection team completed a trial inspection on a couple of these silos. Utilizing the additional lighting payload, Zenith was able to provide clear, geo-tagged images and videos of the whole asset. There were many areas within the silos that hadn’t been pictorially documented due to inadequate lighting during prior reviews.

Zenith was also able to document the asset using its automation feature. This saved time both during the capturing process, and allowed for faster, more accurate post-processing. There are many capabilities built into Zenith that were utilized during this capturing process. One being Zenith eliminates the need for confined space entry, utilizing the tripod’s tie-down points for additional safety. Additionally, the 30x optical zoom camera allowed inspectors to see 1/32 of an inch from 30 ft. away.

The results

Were there any defects within the asset? Will this save reviewers’ time and the company money? Is the data clear, accurate, and manageale? Zenith was able to provide the results and more, establishing a safer and more cost-efficient method to carry out the inspections. 

ADM’s grain silos were documented by IA and their Technician Service team within a day, eliminating the need for rope access personnel to be deployed within the silo. Zenith substantially improved the review process for finding potential defects or early warning signs within the silos.

ADM determined that Zenith and inspection robotics are viable alternatives to traditional confined space entry inspections and other pictorial capturing methods. Tools like Zenith are helping save them time, money, and ultimately increasing the safety of their employees.



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