Interactive Aerial's Commitment to Safety

At Interactive, we are putting safety first for our customers.  Our mission is to reduce, and eventually eliminate human confined space entries by using the aerial robotics we make.  Interactive Aerial offers considerable safety benefits in a number of ways through the use of our technology and developments.  Safety is a core focus of ours as we continue to develop robotic solutions. Below, we have  outlined our safety commitments to you, the customer. 

Eliminate confined space entry

We understand that confined space entries are one of the biggest challenges our customers face.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, unfortunately in the last decade, over 1,000 workers have been fatally injured during confined space operations.

Our mission at Interactive Aerial is to reduce or eliminate human confined space entries by using the aerial robotics that we make.  Interactive Aerial offers considerable safety benefits by eliminating the need for your workforce to enter these potentially hazardous areas.

Did you know Dow Chemical is striving to eliminate human confined space entry by 2025?  Dow has chosen our new Zenith Inspection System as one of the robotic tools they use to achieve this goal.  Does your company face similar confined space entry challenges?  We would love the opportunity to discuss how Interactive Aerial can help you achieve safer inspection work and reduce / eliminate confined space entries. Can we help you work towards this goal as well?

IA's Commitment to Eliminate Confined Space Entry

preventing falls from a height

OSHA Stats – Fatal Four & Top 10 Citations

Going beyond a safer alternative to confined space entry, you may also be aware that one of the leading causes of fatalities within industry is falls from a height.  Unfortunately, each year falls from a height account for approximately 35% of all fatalities. Aerial robotics, like the Legacy One drone offered by Interactive Aerial, keeps your employees and contractors safe on the ground, drastically reducing the risk of a fall from height.

Furthermore, three of OSHA’s top 10 most-cited safety violations can be successfully and easily eliminated using drones and other robotics offered by Interactive Aerial. When considering the need for fall protection, use of scaffolding, and general use of ladders, Interactive Aerial’s drone and drone inspection services can substantially reduce the need for your employees to work at height or deploy rope access. This eliminates significant risk for your workforce and contractors.

Reduce Exposure

Reduce Exposure to
Hazardous Material

Regardless of your role at the company, our robotic equipment is here to help make your job more efficient and your work processes safer. Around the world, our drone & Zenith cameras are reducing the need for confined space entries and risks associated with working at height.

But what about potential employee or contractor exposure to hazardous materials? In the last few months our Zenith robotic system has eliminated the need for inspectors to enter hazardous environments. By doing so, we have eliminated worker exposures to materials such as asbestos, silica sand, radiation and chemicals like hydrofluoric acid, butadiene, sulfuric acid, and formaldehyde (yes we’ve put Zenith into all of those chemical tanks!).

Imagine putting our drone or Zenith into an asset, keeping your workforce safely away from potential exposures to hazardous materials like mentioned above.

minimizing the risk of human error

Making it Easier to Do the Right Thing

For the person performing the inspection, the work can often seem routine and repetitive, creating an environment ripe for complacency. Repetitive tasks, such as visually inspecting tank walls with hundreds of feet of surface area, provide opportunities for an inspector to miss key pieces of safety-critical information.

Human error is inevitable, but aerial robotics like our Zenith Inspection System have automation modes that guarantee your asset gets 100% photographic coverage at a resolution that enables timely and better decision-making. With automation and guaranteed photo overlap, our aerial robotics are minimizing the risk associated with human error, while increasing operational learning and asset condition through the use of high-resolution photography.

building safety & redundancy into our robotics

We have been talking about how Interactive Aerial’s robotics can make your work processes safer, but how do you hold our team and equipment accountable for working safely?

Both of our products have several safety redundancies built into their hardware & software. Our Legacy One drone has laser-based collision avoidance, along with flight battery fail-safes and lost comms maneuvers that initiate safe auto-landing routines. And our new Zenith Inspection System can even be considered safer than a drone because it’s permanently hanging from a cable!

What if your company does not want to buy or own robotic systems? If this is the case, our Inspection Services Team will come to you. Interactive Aerial is a member of ISNetworld and Avetta, enabling a seamless and streamlined contractor qualification process so we can get your jobs started and finished quicker.

3D’s – Dull Dirty Dangerous

We have been talking a lot about Interactive Aerial’s advantages over traditional inspection methods and associated activities. Interactive Aerial’s robotic systems are driving innovation to help sites like yours increase reliability, create safer work environments, and create opportunities for increased operational learning associated with your assets and facilities. Interactive Aerial provides you the real-time ability to detect and correct hazardous conditions before they escalate into something more serious.

What if you could use our Zenith system to prevent just ONE fall injury or fatality? 

That sounds like a fairytale! Well, Interactive Aerial is doing this for our customers each and every day.

Aerial robotics are making a huge dent in the jobs described as the “three D’s” – the dull, dirty, and dangerous. Confined space inspections are certainly all of those, and we would like the opportunity for your company to create a safer, and more reliable, alternative to traditional confined space entries.

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