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5 Reasons to Use Zenith Over a Drone

Many companies have moved away from traditional inspection methods and toward drones as a way to reduce costs and complete inspections in a safe and timely manner. Zenith, our newest inspection system, offers an even simpler, more time efficient alternative to a drone. Built with engineers and inspectors in mind, we believe there are 5 key reasons to use Zenith over a drone.

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Repeatability is the Next Big Thing in Robotics Inspections

Robotics and drone technology for inspections has evolved from a general idea to a proven option across many sectors. Now that companies are confident it can work, the next big challenge the industry is facing is around repeatability. How can industrial organizations use robotics to implement repeatable inspections in difficult to reach and potentially hazardous internal locations? How can they make life easier for the inspectors and the organizations they work for?

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