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Explore our 3 products that are revolutionizing the way
internal inspections are carried out.

We’re saving companies exponential amounts of time and money


  • LIDAR-based Navigation

  • Multiple Automated Flight Modes

  • 42 Megapixel Camera

  • 2nd Viewing Screen for Inspector

  • Measure Defects in Photos

  • Track as small as 1/32”

  • Calculate Surface Areas

  • Photo Location “Where was this picture taken from?”

  • For Tough Vertical Assets

  • No Confined Space Entry

  • Wireless Transmission, No Tether

  • Precisely Control 3 Axes for 360° Viewing Capability

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Having 24/7 access to our Robotic Tools has never been easier. Owning our products will give your company confidence that you have the most advanced internal inspection equipment on the market. After purchasing, our team will ensure you’re properly trained to tackle any confined space area!

Inspection Services

IA’s Inspection Services are a great way to access our technology in a moment’s notice. Two confined space trained pilots will bring our latest tech right to you. Our team will often bring products we have not commercially released yet. This is also a great way to sell your customers prior to purchasing our equipment!

Industry Expertise.

Reduce days, even weeks of downtime by deploying robotic solutions in lieu of traditional inspection methods. 

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