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Legacy One


Can you fly from outside the confined space environment?

Currently, we recommend the pilot fly from inside the confined space environment as the vehicle is still operated manually, but only autonomously assisted.

Can the Legacy One drone fly outside as well?

The onboard software and hardware has been built specifically around the needs of indoor and confined space operations, meaning it is less effective outdoors due to its non-standard modifications. Even though Interactive Aerial recommends only flying inside, the advanced payload and collision avoidance capabilities of the Legacy One will bridge both environments for exterior applications in the future.

Is the vehicle intrinsically safe?

The Legacy One is not intrinsically safe. Current drone design makes this certification very difficult to achieve. To make this practical, it would require changing many different aspects of an unmanned aircraft, making it unrealistic at this time.

What is the price of a Legacy One?

There are several factors to consider when pricing a Legacy One. Please submit a contact form on this page to receive your personalized quote or presentation.



What is included in the service plan?

The Service Plan, included free for one year after purchase, includes many benefits such as: two complimentary seats in our flight training program, replacement parts up to $1,000 in value for worn or damaged components, and the ability to upgrade software and hardware for extended functionality of this industrial tool.



Does the vehicle have GPS or compass?

The Legacy One does not utilize a GPS or compass for navigation. It relies solely on its onboard sensors to remove the risk of GPS signal loss or magnetic interference, making it ideal for internal applications where traditional products struggle.

Does the vehicle have additional payloads?

Currently, the vehicle comes standard with a visual camera only for data transmission and collection. Additional payloads are being considered for development, and custom sensor integration requests are not uncommon.

Is my collected data secure?

Yes, the photos and videos collected by the Legacy One are strictly stored locally on the payload. Interactive Aerial does not have the ability to retrieve the data collected by the camera during use.

What is included in the purchase of the Legacy One drone?

With the purchase of the Legacy One a company would receive: the aircraft, a transmitter with HD video screen, two batteries & charger, a transportation case, the computer software suite for extracting photo measurements, and spare hardware components.

Can I rent a Legacy One?

We do not offer rentals of the Legacy One at this time, but you may wish to consider Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Services. Our inspections services will illustrate how much time and money drones can save you during the inspection process.  Our drone Inspection Services are perfect for one-time job with the Legacy One at one of your facilities 

You can learn more about our inspection services here:


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