Innovate Energy | Interactive Aerial Releases Zenith – A Drop Camera Reimagined

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Industry News, News

Interactive Aerial Featured in Innovate Energy

IA’s most recent product, Zenith was recently featured in the latest Innovate Energy news!

Expanding upon its existing products for internal inspections, Interactive Aerial recently announced Zenith; a PTZ inspection camera reimagined through augmenting drone technology. 


In the spring of 2019, IA was inspecting multiple underground water shafts at depths of 400ft. While most vertical columns were suitable for the Legacy One aircraft, a few others required a more innovative answer. IA’s unique solution took 90% of the intelligence from their drone and placed it inside a small box. By lowering the box via an automated winch, Zenith became an obvious, simple to use product.

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