The Problem

Although it may not be confined space, accessing GPS signals can be very difficult when flying below the earth’s surface. Just like experiencing issues with using a cell phone underground, off-the-shelf drones have a hard time operating below ground.

Our Drone Solution

Using a custom solution like the Legacy One can be the perfect solution for your underground inspection. Our drone does not utilize the GPS or compass, it actually does not have either on board the aircraft. Laser-based navigation is not susceptible to signal strength no matter what the depth.

Large Building Uses

internal roof inspections

Are you tasked with verifying the condition of your roof or structures attached to it? Interactive Aerial has received plenty of requests to fly inside large buildings, some of them just recently built and others decades old. The Legacy One tackles all sorts of internal inspections, an example of a few “out there” requests were a professional NFL stadium to check bolt torque striping and even an indoor water park to inspect corroded HVAC hardware! Purchase a drone to have full-time or have Interactive Aerial out to your facility for one-day inspection. 

indoor cranes

Interactive Aerial has inspected various cranes inside large warehouse buildings for a few reasons. The most common is ensuring they all had proper integrity and no damage. With one crane in particular, our company was asked to inspect the entire 60ft condition of the man ladder top to bottom, along with the safety tie off rings at each pointBy using a drone to check these areas, this ensured the repairmen could climb the ladder without the ladder’s integrity being in question.

assembly lines & production facilities

Trying to optimize the layout of your new assembly line, or verify you currently have the most effective layout possible? Get the indoor bird’s eye view with the Legacy One. Flying off the shelf drones inside a large steel building can run the risk of interfering with its compass and GPS. With relying on the Legacy One’s proprietary laser-based navigation, your company can fly with little concern of erratic, unsafe flight that you might encounter with an off-the-shelf drone.  

volumetrics inside

Most UAV operators associate volumetric analysis with outdoor flight – like measuring coal piles at power generation plants or woodchip piles at a paper plant. But has your company considered doing this inside as well? For whatever use case it might be, third party software that computes volumetric data relies on precise GPS coordinates to complete this. With the Legacy One’s multiple sensors used for indoor navigation, they can replicate points similar to GPS, giving you the same type of indoor volumetric data as you would see outside! 

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