Eliminate the hassle, delays, and blown-budgets of traditional internal inspections.

Why Inspection Services?

We understand that it takes a lot to start a UAV division and hire the staff to maintain it. Even if your company already has a division, sometimes it can be a tough sell to your management for purchasing a new system. But when new technology arises, it’s in your company’s best interest to keep the competitive edge. With Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Services, we take the hassle out of buying, learning, and maintaining a new drone, while giving you the same access to great data as if you had one in-house.

Asset Owners

By hiring our team, we’ll bring the latest technology and the best Legacy One pilots to your facility. Contracting the team who builds the drone means you have the greatest chance at a successful UAV internal inspection.

Service Providers

Worried about buying a valuable system that you’ve never flown before? Subcontract Interactive Aerial to sell your customers with you. This route allows you to gauge your customers interest before purchasing our drone.

Legacy One Owners

If your company finds itself in one of the following scenarios — our Inspection Services can be helpful to YOU even if you already own a Legacy One drone. We can help you can solve any of the problems listed by sending a single pilot, two pilots, or two pilots and one of our drones to help keep your operation running smoothly.

You receive multiple inspection requests for one day but don’t have enough to fly all the jobs.

Your company is asked to fly a mission more complex than you’re willing to fly.

Or maybe your company has just purchased one of our drones and is waiting for delivery.

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