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Whether your business has an established, brand-new, or non-existent UAV department, we can help you with your inspections needs.

Robust UAV Divisions

If your company already has an established drone department, but know you need the Legacy One, Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Services is a great option for you. Having our team put a successful inspection under your belt makes for a much easier sell to upper management.

UAV Division in Infancy

Maybe your proposal is in to senior management, but you don’t have approval to purchase systems quite yet. There is no sense in waiting to save time and money during your asset inspections. Hiring our team in the short term is easy by tapping into operational budgets rather than capex budgets!

No UAV Department

Our team has signed several Master Service Agreements (MSA) to perform all UAV internal inspections for companies that do not have drone departments. This is a great way to save time and money with drones without the hassle of starting an entirely new division.

What’s Included:


  • 2 Interactive Aerial Pilots and the Legacy One
  • Each pilot has a FAA Remote Pilots License, Confined Space Certification, TWIC Credentials, and Basic Plus training
  • Interactive Aerial holds $5 million general liability limit
  • Customers retain all photos and videos captured during flight
  • Inspectors and engineers will have access to Interactive Aerial’s proprietary Photo Measurement Software

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