Service Providers

Inspection Services

Whether your company is already performing internal inspections with other robotic equipment or if this is a brand-new market expansion, our Inspection Services are a non-competitive, great option for you to consider.



Working together to help sell your customers allowing you to purchase our UAV inspection system with confidence.

Need to Purchase Internal Inspection Robotic Equipment?

If you’re tasked with seeing how your customers will like our vehicle data before you purchase one, consider Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Services. This is a great way to gauge how your customers would like to have our equipment in your fleet before “making the jump to light speed.” Allow our team to help sell your customers so you can purchase our system with confidence.

We Can Subcontract Under You

Maybe you have a particular contract, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing a specialty drone for one inspection. Or maybe you don’t perform enough internal inspections annually to justify buying your own drones. We’ve signed plenty of subcontract agreements with service providers which allows you to have access to our “latest & greatest” equipment without fronting the capital investment. Even gain access to our technology that is not commercially released yet!

What’s Included:

  • 2 Interactive Aerial Pilots and all Equipment Necessary (Legacy One and/or Zenith)

  • Each pilot has a FAA Remote Pilots License, Confined Space Certification, TWIC Credentials, and Basic Plus training.

  • Interactive Aerial holds $5 million General Liability Policy with UAV Coverage

  • Customers Retain all Photos and Videos Captured During Flight

  • Inspectors and Engineers will have access to Interactive Aerial’s proprietary Photo Measurement Software