This past December, Interactive Aerial rolled out our new Customer Portal. This portal became the new hub for existing Zenith customers. There, customers can now find all training material, software updates, and the new online shop. In a series of blog posts, we will be highlighting the three major aspects of the portal. Up next: our Training Center.

Drone Training Limits Growth

When working with end-user customers like asset owners or third-party inspection service providers, we see that training is one of the key limiting factors to starting, or scaling, a drone program.

Whether your company has been using drones for a while or is just starting to implement them, a regulatory requirement is obtaining the FAA remote pilot certificate to become a commercial operator. The FAA Part 107 rules & regulations can take months to learn, we typically see customers take anywhere from one to three months to complete online study courses in preparation of the exam. Even after successfully completing the 60-question knowledge test, there is a required two-year recurrent test that challenges your knowledge on regulation, airspace, and drone flight operations. That is a lot of time and money spent on employees studying for these exams!

Also consider the traditional plant inspector that spends their education time critically learning metallurgy or corrosion. Asking them to also obtain the unique skillset of piloting a drone safely and effectively can be quite the challenge. Lots of drones require in-person training, which can be a steep learning curve! However, the ultimate test of effective drone training is teaching the sub-conscious intuitive response skills to be safe while flying, especially when an emergency takes place.  

IA Training Videos


When adding or expanding robotics within your production facilities, you may consider our new Zenith system. In direct comparison to drones, Zenith presents far less risk as it safely hangs from a cable – and is a substantially easier tool to pick up and learn. Enter the Training Center through Interactive Aerial’s Customer Portal.

Our Training Center makes learning Zenith one of the simplest tasks in your day. It features 10 short videos which give operators a thorough understanding of how to setup and use a Zenith.



The top section hosts “Quick Setup” & “Startup Tips” videos that get customers using Zenith in under 30 minutes. Companies no longer have to certify licensed operators or send users to in-person training for this equipment. Interactive Aerial’s engineers have built Zenith to be an out of the box, user-friendly tool to pick up for the first time.

Zenith Manuals and Guides


After having Zenith in the field for almost a year, we recently updated a number of training videos in our Portal to ensure customers are seeing everything Interactive Aerial has learned. For instance, take a look at this short, but powerful, new training video we just uploaded. IA noticed existing customers packing their tripod cases incorrectly – which can be a challenge to fit everything inside and can even jeopardize the security of components during shipment. Following this short two-minute video ensures our customers will have a quick & easy time packing their tripod case for safe travel.

This video, and nine others, live in IA’s Training Center to give our customers thorough video-based training on their Zenith system.