When confronted with unique inspections for Zenith, pushback for using the system usually revolves around “there’s not a manway at the top of our asset” or “there’s not a straight shot all the way down.”

These are challenges the Interactive Aerial team faces often, but luckily, there are solutions for these! Zenith was created to be modular – whether that’s taking components away, or adding new ones on – the system supports endless configurations to successfully complete those unique inspections.


Zenith Manhole Inspection

For instance, recently Interactive Aerial’s Inspection Service Team was in Chicago performing a shaft inspection downtown. Our customer was concerned about Zenith’s use due to the asset having an offset manhole & hatch to access the shaft. The manhole was on ground level, but the hatch was 10ft down, and 10ft over. With Zenith’s configurable tripod, gantry, and extension arm, our team successfully completed the inspection without having to put the tripod directly over the hatch – keeping all the inspectors & engineers safely on ground level, outside of confined space.  


Manway Zenith Configuration

What if your asset didn’t have a manway at the top of the asset? Our service team encounters this often. Simply place the tripod at the top of the asset, feed the small cable through without the Zenith unit attached, lower it to ground level and clip the Zenith unit on with a Sheppard hook, all the while preventing confined space entry. Typically, these assets have cable holes or vent openings at the top – enabling the cable to enter through a small one-inch opening. 

Zenith allows for endless configurations. We challenge our customers to think “outside-the-box” when planning for your asset inspection. Not sure if Zenith will be a good fit? Give us a call! Our engineers can quickly recreate your asset in CAD and determine if Zenith can achieve the right angles or dimensions to complete a successful inspection. 

Want to learn more about how Zenith can benefit your business? Watch this short 10-minute demonstration or schedule a full virtual demo!