This past December, Interactive Aerial rolled out our new Customer Portal. This portal became the new hub for existing Zenith customers. There, customers can now find all training material, software updates, and the new online shop. In a series of blog posts, we will be highlighting the three major aspects of the portal. Up first: the Online Shop.

How it used to be

If you are involved with purchasing or acquiring robotic systems, you know how frustrating it can be managing the paperwork for the order. After taking weeks, sometimes even months to get all the details ironed out, you place the PO, but then you forget to order that spare battery or extra charger! Even worse, you take delivery of your new system, have it out in the field, then realize you should have purchased that extra component the manufacturer kept talking about. Going back to purchase that component later, especially if the robotics company can’t take a credit card, can be a major hassle. 

That is where the luxury of our new Customer Portal Online Shop comes in.




Ordering additional Zenith components has never been easier, simply pick the components you need and enter credit card information. We have taken a process that could be weeks down to just seconds. Orders can be placed at your convenience and on your own timeline. IA will instantly email you a receipt for the order – then you leave the rest to us!

IA Customer Portal Online Shop


As our existing Zenith customers have started completing orders in the portal, they have consistently been shipping the next day. Another luxury of the Online Shop is our dynamic

shipping rate calculator. It takes the weight of each component you purchase, its specific dimension, and destination segmented through various parts of the world to give you the best rate possible. Once the order is complete, the shipping calculator includes that price in the total prior to running your credit card. In turn, our customers pre-pay the accurate shipping rate before the order is placed, allowing for a very quick & convenient purchase process.

shop charger


Highlighting a perfect example of how a customer might use the Online Shop is with our new Add-On Lighting Payload. It’s no secret that Zenith’s camera is powerful, really powerful. In fact, IA has proven the camera can clearly see a 1/16th of an inch crack from over 90ft away! As impressive as that is, these tests were performed in well-lit environments. 

Add-On Lighting Package for ZenithHowever, as the inspection area continues to get darker, lighting becomes the limiting factor of the camera’s effectiveness. Enter Zenith’s new add-on lighting payload. By nearly doubling Zenith’s onboard light, and adding two telescoping convex lenses, a Zenith user can concentrate the flashlights beam, enabling the camera to see further distances in darker spaces.

Acquiring new Zenith hardware like our new Add-On Lighting Payload is effortless – no paperwork, no PO changes, no hassles.